Baobab People was established under the premise that we may be different, but we are one human race. People’s differences should not be allowed to pull them in opposite directions. Baobab People is a forum for all who enjoy the beauty of diverse cultures and whose positive voices concerning diversity will be propelled far and near through dialogue and learning.  We adopt pragmatic steps by creating avenues for cultural interactions. At Baobab People, people can begin to talk and learn about their differences.  Our hope is that, this information will lead to transformation. If the barrier of ignorance is pushed away then different cultures are likely to live in peaceful coexistence.

At Baobab People, different cultures are uniquely connected through dialogue and learning. We seek to create opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and learn from one another so that they may better understand those who are different than themselves and enjoy the beauty of diversity, racial reconciliation and healing.  


Baobab People strives to create an environment of mutual respect that supports diverse people and causes in need of a voice. 


Come with us on this all important journey of seeking knowledge and understanding.