Edem Dzunu, Ph.D.

Dr. Edem Dzunu was born and raised in Ghana and has always been passionate about different people’s ways of life. He is fascinated by details about people, things and situations different from who he is and what he is accustomed to. His love and fascination for knowledge and understanding of different cultures has taken him to many different places in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, both as an enquiring mind and a contributor to knowledge. As one who travels and enjoys traveling, what he cherishes most is the opportunity to meet people and know about them in an environment of mutual respect. It is this desire that led to the establishment of Baobab People. Edem has degrees in Music, English, TEFL, Theology and Ethics, and currently teaches in the English Language Program at Washington University in Saint Louis.


Pam Guntharp Dzunu

Pamela Guntharp Dzunu grew up in rural northeast Mississippi and graduated with an English major from William Carey University (Hattiesburg, MS). She completed a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and an MA-TESOL degree at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. Her research interests are intercultural communication, socio-cultural anthropology, and ethnic studies.

Pamela has extensive travel experience, including living two years in Ethiopia (East Africa) and two years in Azerbaijan (Central Asia). In both countries, she taught English as a Second or Foreign Language among high school or university students. Pamela’s wide-ranging travel experience has given her a broad worldview and appreciation for all cultures. She has been teaching in the English Language Program at Washington University since 2003 where she specializes in legal English.