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Baobab People Annual Conference 2016

Co-sponsored by Baobab People & the Center for Global Citizenship at Saint Louis University.


Theme: Telling Our Human Stories: The Power of Truth Telling


Date and time: Nov 19, 2016 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM. Registration starts at 8:30 AM. Conference starts at 9:00 AM.


Venue: Saint Louis University. Center for Global Citizenship 3672 West Pine Blvd., St Louis, MO 63108

Conference Sessions

Plenary Sessions:

"Rubber People: The Power of Truth Telling"

Presentation by Amy Hunter, Director of Diversity at Children's Hospital

"Transformative Journalism"

Panel of St. Louis-based Journalists

Journalism can be an extraordinary outlet for telling stories that bridge cultural divides. By bringing listeners, readers, and viewers into contact with the lives of people they might never interact with otherwise, journalists can humanize the "other" and plant seeds of empathy that break down barriers. This panel of three journalists from various organizations in St. Louis will present on projects they have done which speak to the power of transformative storytelling.

*Registration Information:

Registration: $25 per person. $15 for students.

At the door: $30 per person $20 for students.

Fee includes light breakfast, lunch, and parking at Laclede garage, 3642 Laclede Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63103.

Breakout Sessions:

"Showing Up for Dialogue: Communicating Across Difference and Humanizing the 'Other'"

Presentation by Professor Karla Scott, Director of African American Studies at Saint Louis University

When you meet someone who is different from you, what do you do? It's easy to build social - and sometimes physical - walls between yourself and people you don't understand, but in this session, we will talk about how to create spaces for dialogue that can transform perspectives and relationships simply by recognizing the "other" as human.

"Taking Turns at Listening: Developing Communication Skills in Dialogic Listening"

Workshop by Professor April Trees, Chair of Communication Department at Saint Louis University

This workshop will look at communication techniques individuals can use to better listen to and understand others during conversations about difficult topics. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about and then practice communication behaviors to improve listening.

"Telling Stories with Purpose: Using Stories to Illustrate Difficult Truths"

Presentation by Pam Dzunu and Tisha Brooks

Stories can be powerful tools to convey truth when used appropriately. Knowing your audience is essential. What happens when your audience does not see eye to eye with you regarding the truth that you are trying to convey? For example, how can you convey the realities of racism, power, and privilege when the existence of these social constructions is denied? Session leaders will use stories from their own lives to illustrate how to use stories to help convey difficult truths in a gentle, more palatable way.

"Breaking Down Walls: Untold and Forgotten Stories from Undocumented and Unafraid Youth"

Presentation by Naomi, Areli, Rigo and Ernesto

This will be a dialogue about the hardships undocumented people in the United States face and the barriers of language, racism, and unacceptance.

"Creative Dialogue: Artistic Experience as a Strategy for New Conversations"

Workshop by Katie Carpenter, Program Manager for COCAbiz

Art has the power to elicit emotional responses. When art is paired with other disciplines the result can be deeper learning, meaningful conversations, or new actions. This workshop will provide examples and exercises that highlight the benefits of arts based communication.

"A Turkish Muslim in America"

Presentation by Huzeyfe Yilmaz

In this session, the presenter will tell his story of being a Turkish Muslim with a Jewish Mother.