Dialogue: Creating Unity Through the Word

Call for Submissions:


Welcome to Baobab People!  Baobab People is a St. Louis-based nonprofit that seeks to connect people from different cultures through dialogue and learning.

We are grateful and excited that you are interested in publishing in our online magazine. Beginning January 1, 2018, we seek submissions that will help us meet the following goals:

  1. Knowledge Creation: Increase awareness of public issues that divide or unite us.

  2. Community Building: Build community through the written word.

  3. Engaging Dialogue: Promote increased dialogue among diverse populations and across lines of difference.


We accept a broad range of genres, including essays, poetry, narratives, stories, reflective writing, and research articles. In order to attract a broad audience, we seek a wide range of contributors that reflect differences in age, religion, ethnicity, gender, race, geography, etc. This is an opportunity for you to contribute to our mission of bringing people together under the Baobab tree. There is a saying among the Ewe of Ghana which likens wisdom to the Baobab tree. Wisdom, like the Baobab tree, cannot be fully embraced by any one person. Baobab People realizes the importance of this message, that it will take many different people from many different parts of the world to engage in a discourse that unites us. So let us continue the dialogue!