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Baobab People's programs and events are designed to broaden and deepen knowledge and understanding of diversity, multiculturalism, cultural inclusiveness, anti-racism and social justice.

Anti-racism and inclusion workshops


Most of us realize that racism is a no-no, but many of us are unaware of how others perceive our behavior. These workshops provide an interactive way to identify behavior that potentially hurts others, attitudes behind the behavior, and strategies for combating racism in ourselves and others.

Biennial Conference on Cross Cultural Awareness
and Communication

This two-day conference brings the community together to make us all more aware of one another's strengths and to teach us how to communicate effectively with one another.

​"Cultural Crossroads" Luncheons 


What better place for cultures to meet than over a meal?  We bring together the issues and the food from various ethnic backgrounds.  Don't be surprised if you are served Ethiopian food while you listen to a speaker from Latin America, for example. 



Apply for our program or social media internship!

The internship program at Baobab People is designed to help students develop intercultural leadership skills and to gain experience building productive working relationships with people from different backgrounds.

"Nyaseto" Series
(The Listening Ears)

 Invited guests give talks on issues related to diversity, and this is followed by round-table discussions. 

Volunteer Opportunities

At Baobab People, volunteers contribute their time and skills organizing and promoting all of our programs. Additionally, volunteers aid us in developing partnerships with other organizations through relationship building. Our mission is shaped largely by volunteers who contribute a wealth of ideas gained from their personal and professional experiences with cross-cultural engagement. Contact us for more information.